Tips For Aspiring Horse Racing Betters

Tips For Aspiring Horse Racing Betters

Tips For Aspiring Horse Racing Betters

Online sports betting is an undeniably lucrative endeavour for both investors and punters alike. With a substantial percentage of the $10.6 billion dollar annual revenue of the UK gambling industry being generated within the online horse betting arena, it is unsurprising that experts have identified sport betting websites as one of the five biggest dividend payers for stockowners.

However, it is not just stockowners who are receiving huge pay-outs. Every year thousands of punters, of all experience levels, win big through horse betting, with one lucky punter landing £21,285 from a multiple bet of £130 – all on horses with ‘Lucky’ in their name – this year.

Not everyone has the money, or the experience, to invest heavily in the stock market. However, with bets beginning at only £2, anyone can be the next big winner at the races – particularly with 2015 bringing the showcase events of the likes of the Grand National and Cheltenham in the UK.

So, to help guide those whose interests have been peaked in this lucrative enterprise, here are a few tips to get the most, in both the emotional and economic sense, from your betting.

Know Your Budgets

Whilst betting is a game of chance in many respects, keeping a careful eye on your expenditure is not. It is best, when making provisional estimations, to check the outcome of your daily accounts if every bet you make will come back a loss. It is important to keep on top of this aspect to ensure that you do not start spending money you do not have. Reactively update your accounts, adjusting the money available after each result. Moreover, by keeping extensive records, you will be able to gauge your overall profit, which will make the days when you don’t win as much, or at all, that much easier to stomach.

Be Open-minded About Bookmakers

It may be either loyal or habitual to limit your betting activity to one bookmaker, but that doesn’t make it a wise decision. If you have decided to bet on a horse, why not shop around to make sure you get the best odds possible. Whilst in the days of betting shops this would have required plenty of legwork, in the internet age there are insurmountable sites available that will do the hard work for you and compile a list of contrasted odds. Moreover, make sure you do not get complacent if a website consistently offers the best odds as this could always change. Always check, as you never know when you might stumble across ridiculously good odds for a sure-fire winner. Moreover, even if this not the case, by constantly getting the best odds, even by a slim margin, you will increase your earnings astronomically over the long term if not the short.

Make Informed Decisions

Just because a degree of luck is involved in horse betting it is not an excuse to not be a student of the sport. Not only will accumulating this knowledge increase your enjoyment, and appreciation, for the sport, but it will most definitely improve your odds of winning. The most important aspect of any race to study is the recent form of all the competitors. You will want to know the placing of your chosen horse in recent races, and their track record when competing against the other horses in the race in question. Moreover, you can check how your horse has fared in specific weather scenarios, and other circumstance factors, which match the current conditions of the race. It is also often a good idea to be old-fashioned about things and examine the horse itself. If the horse you are interested in appears to have lost weight, or the sheen off its coat, then it may be prudent to not bet on them, regardless of the odds.