Mix your gaming with sports betting online

Mix your gaming with sports betting online

If you enjoy gaming online, then you’ll already know that there are many different places to play. But what you may not know realise is that you’re not restricted to the casino sites for playing games. Many bookmakers and other betting exchange sites also have their own casino offerings, meaning that you can make use of bonuses both to play the games you enjoy but also to build up a bankroll with which you could then place sports bets on.

It’s all so much easier when you can do everything on one site and this is exactly what you can do on Betfair. You can have a wager on the world cup, for example, deciding at this early stage where you’ll put your money for the 2014 winner. At the moment, the odds on Betfair show hosts Brazil to be the favourite and if they win this year, it will be their sixth world cup victory. Other contenders according to the bookmakers include Brazil’s neighbours Argentina, the holders Spain and the young German team.

At least when you place a sports bet, it’s more about making your own judgement on the probability of the result rather than when you play different casino games of absolute chance, which always carry a house edge with them, to some extent.

Of course, though, what a sports bet doesn’t always give you is the instant entertainment value that you’ll get from playing games online. Sure the matches themselves are exciting, but in order to get real value in a sports bet you have to place bets long before you can actually watch the event take place.

Playing casino on Betfair, you’ll get the best of all worlds, as you’ll have an excellent choice of casino games as well as a generous welcome bonus of £300, plus the opportunity to place and accept sports book bets whenever you feel like it.